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Amending your user profile

If you have changed your email address, it is imperative that you amend the email address associated with your user profile in BOS so that you can receive password reset emails and other communications from BOS.

You may also wish to add or change your title, name and phone numbers as needed.

To amend your user profile:

  1. On your Dashboard dashboard-icon, click on Manage in the top right corner and select Your profile.
  2. The following editable information forms part of your user profile:
    • Personal information – This information is visible to Admin users of the BOS account you belong to.
      • Username:  this is the username you use to log in to BOS.  By default, your username is your email address.  If your email address has changed, we recommend that you change your username to match.  Please note that changing your username will not automatically change your contact email address.  This must be changed in the Contact information section further down the page.
      • Title, First name, Last name and Known as (optional):  Amend as desired.
    • Default Account – This section will only appear if you are a user in more than one institution’s BOS account.
      • Primary account:  This determines which Dashboard you see by default when you log in to BOS.  Choose the desired account from the drop-down list.
    • Contact information for account [account name] – This information is only visible to you and can be different for different accounts, if you wish.
      • Email:  This is the email address used by BOS to send you password reset emails and other such communications.  Please ensure it is up to date.
      • Job title, Telephone number, Mobile number, Personal website:  These details can be different for each institutional account you are a member of, if you wish.  Complete/amend as desired.
  3. Once you have made the required changes, click Save.