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Online surveys updates

Details of updates to online surveys are listed on this page. Updates are not released on a regular cycle but each code release is listed by date and fixes are deployed as soon as possible.


  • Fixed issue with removing ‘Row items for last column’ of a Scale question.
  • Updated term for ‘Finish’ in German translation.


  • Added a warning to the top of the survey edit overview to warn survey authors if they have created a very long or poorly structured survey. This should help survey authors assess the design of their surveys and ultimately, assuming they address the issues, increase user experience and response rates.
  • Improved the wording of the message shown to users visiting a response URL for a survey that has been deleted.


  • Improved error messages shown to survey authors when attempting to upload invalid survey access credentials (i.e. invalid email addresses or username/token combinations that are not unique).
  • Improved the survey credential upload experience.
  • Added missing Greek translations.


  • Fixed a display bug in the respondent progress table on the ‘Distribute’ page for very long surveys.


  • Added a pre-launch to check that a required question is not a sub-question of a dependant parent question.
  • Show ‘Refresh data’ link even on closed surveys.


  • Added cached benchmarking reports for PTES and UKES.


  • Fixed a rare bug where default translations could be used for some common terms rather than online surveys specific translations.
  • Fixed a bug where the date field in an SPSS export could be given an incorrect data type if immediately preceded by a free text question.


  • Added Russian translations.
  • Added Ukrainian translations.
  • Added new options for coded exports:
    • Reverse index values for all multiple choice, multiple answer, selection list and scale questions.
    • Combine scale/rank values into a single column where possible.
  • Made export page easier to understand.


  • Fixed a minor bug that could result in an error when clearing advanced reports.


  • Survey response rates are now shown in the summary section at the top of the ‘Analyse’ page.
  • Group response rates (with comparison data from your survey) are now available for benchmarking groups (on the survey list page).


  • Improved the rendering of question numbers to provide better support for some screen readers.
  • Re-worded and moved the text allowing respondents to toggle tabular questions between tabular and table-less mode.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent survey structures being exported if date questions in the survey have restrictions requiring dates before 1900.


  • Fixed an issue in the link editor dialog box within the survey editor that prevented some options from being shown in some browsers.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could result in routed surveys showing page numbers.


  • Fixed a bug that could, under very specific circumstances, prevent the correct export of dates when creating SPSS files.


  • Improved the password generation for survey respondents… now without swearing.
  • Fixed a minor bug that could result in the ‘lang’ HTML attribute being incorrectly set on surveys using a language other than English.


  • Changed the distribute page so that the “Launch” button is not shown to users with the “Distribute” permission (only users with the “Manage” permission can launch surveys). This change only affects organisation accounts.


  • Service moved to use new hardware for part of the data storage infrastructure.


  • Improved the performance of importing survey respondent list.
  • Show completed responses count for all launched surveys.
  • Updated wording on survey access control page to make clear the upload file size limit, which is currently 10MB.


  • Updated the code to reduce the length of the file name used for data exports as the long file names were causing issues on Windows systems.


  • Fixed an issue where an error could occur when trying to export an old report in SPSS format.


  • Added help text to empty dashboards.


  • Updated footer in admin to show support telephone number for for project accounts as well as organisation.


  • Added alternative text support to questions within grids
  • Added online surveys support phone number to footer for organisational accounts
  • Fixed a minor bug that could prevent data export from selection questions migrated from BOS1 if those questions had no selection options


  • Fixed a minor bug that meant some values could not be cleared from the ‘Distribute settings’ page
  • Increased the default number of emails that accounts can send (the increase will also be applied to existing accounts)
  • Minor update to improve the clarity of information shown on the payment page


  • Fixed a minor display bug in the account renewal date
  • Changed the message shown to people trying to activate an already active account


  • Fixed a bug preventing hidden questions from using a default answer
  • Extended email invite/reminder functionality to allow the use of X1-X10 and SURVEY_CONTACT data in the email template
  • Removed question number prefix when using alternative question text in exports


  • Minor update to Welsh translation
  • Fixed a minor bug with date validation in IE8


  • Improved performance when editing a Scale/Rank questions


  • Add Serbian translations
  • Fixed a display bug with unanswered free text piped questions


  • The number of survey reminders that can be sent has increased from two to four.
  • Account admins can export a CSV list of user details to help administer accounts (project and organisation accounts only).
  • Users can now export a CSV file of survey information from their dashboard.
  • Survey contact information is now shown in the Dashboard (project and organisation accounts only).
  • The Dashboard view can now be filtered by Survey Contact (organisation accounts only).
  • Users can now filter the Dashboard view to show only their surveys (organisation accounts only).
  • Account admins can now preview surveys, access the distribute page and access a read-only view of the survey permissions page for all surveys in their account (organisation accounts only).
  • Users can now bulk delete surveys (organisation accounts only).
  • The number of bulk invites that can be sent at one time has been increased from 25 to 100 (organisation accounts only).


  • Update Portuguese translations


  • Added a bulk invite tool for users within Organisation accounts
  • Added sorting functionality to the list of users (users can be sorted by username, last name, date joined and last login date)
  • Added functionality allowing account admins to export a list of users
  • Added functionality to allow account admins to view a list of all users on a single page


  • Officially released Piping functionality
  • Added a “Piping overview” page to the “Distribute” area.
  • Fix to a minor bug that could affect client-side validation of questions when in “Preview” mode.


  • Fixed a minor bug that could result in the dashboard not updating if a search returned no results.
  • Improvements to the text of emails sent to demo users.
  • Fix to a minor bug that could affect client-side validation of questions.


  • Update to survey dashboard to include additional display options.
  • Improvements to how views are applied to other users.
  • Improvements to PDF exports of surveys.


  • Bug fix for an intermittent permission denied issue.


  • Some minor design tweaks in the ‘Analyse’ area. Most notably the removal of the filtering option side-nav on screens where filtering isn’t relevant.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in editing issues if an ‘other’ question had been copied onto a different question
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a user seeing an error if they tried to directly access an individual response if an applied filter meant that response wasn’t part of the current dataset
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the individual responses shown to a respondent (and shown in ‘Browse responses’) not to reflect the respondent’s answers if they had changed answers supplied through survey access control. The answers were stored correctly and shown correctly on the Analysis summary page and in data exports.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent people editing the first column in a multi-column grid question after a survey has gone live


  • Addressed a bug that could result in a ‘Key error’ when viewing the charts for a survey
  • Added checks to make sure short titles are unique within a survey


  • Add Portuguese translations
  • Update Welsh translations
  • Re-instate additional survey pre-launch validation checks
  • Fix issue with creating thumbnails for certain images


  • Improved the performance of SPSS exports so these should be much quicker now
  • Fixed a bug where users may see a warning about removed content when opening an Excel file (.xlsx only) that had been exported from online surveys
  • Fixed a bug which could result in time zones (for completion date/time) being shown inconsistently when browsing individual responses


  • The SPSS date format assumes that all dates occur after the start of the Gregorian Calendar (14/10/1582). We now issue an on-screen message in online surveys if a user tries to export survey data containing an earlier date in SPSS format. Exports in other file formats are not affected.


  • Fixed a bug which meant the browser window returned to the top of the page when moving or copying a question/note. On inserting the question/note the browser window should now position itself to show the new item.
  • Fixed a minor bug that could occasionally result in an error being shown when a survey author uploaded a new image to replace an existing one


  • Fixed a bug which could result in some non-dependent questions not being hidden correctly when completing a survey in Safari v5.1 and Firefox v39 – this was a user interface issue and would not affect completion


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added a pre-launch check to make sure surveys all have a specified contact
  • Fixed a rare situation where authors could get an error when requesting a PDF of a survey completion receipt in preview mode


  • The email address for the survey contact is now shown on the Distribute/Launchpad page (and the survey permissions page for ‘Organisation’ accounts)
  • When surveys are closed because the maximum number of responses have been collected a message is shown to the survey author explaining this (on the Distribute/Launchpad page)
  • If a maximum number of responses has been set on a survey then the number of possible responses remaining is shown on the Distribute/Launchpad page when the survey is open
  • Prevent errors on Dashboard/Launchpad page if surveys have no contact


  • Added functionality to export survey data in tab-separated format (.tsv)
  • Changes to improve the handling of dates in SPSS exports
  • Bug fix for XLSX exports
  • Improved error handling on survey imports


  • Changes to how cookies are used by survey authors when previewing surveys


  • Minor text changes on question edit forms to help survey authors.
  • If a survey author deletes a respondent’s credentials while that respondent is completing the survey the respondent is now shown a message explaining this (previously they would have seen a generic error message).
  • If a survey author adds a survey password (or deletes and adds again) while respondents are completing a survey then the respondents will be shown a message explaining this (previously they would have seen a generic error message).


  • Alternative short titles can now be used within data exports.
  • Survey authors can now export zero indexed data from multiple choice, multiple answer, selection list and scale questions.


  • Updated snapshots for benchmarking surveys against a sub-group they are not part of.
  • Improved the image/file upload facility to adjust long file names.


  • Update to survey rendering which should result in a small performance improvement.
  • Added additional information to file/image upload forms for survey authors.


  • Update to benchmarking so surveys can be benchmarked against sub-groups they are not part of (as long as they are part of the parent group).


  • Fix to crosstab exports as zeroes could be incorrectly shown in the “No answers” column under some circumstances (the on-screen display was not similarly affected).
  • When viewing crosstabs as a “Percentage of all responses” the display did not consistently account for responses with no answer. This issue has been fixed.


  • Fix to SPSS export to prevent unique identifiers from being truncated


  • Update benchmarking snapshots


  • Update benchmarking snapshots


  • Added anchor support for all questions


  • Ensure migrated users have a 30 day activation period
  • Update benchmarking snapshots


  • Provide benchmarking snapshots for large benchmarking groups


  • Show warnings to users when benchmarking a survey which may take longer than normal


  • Preserve whitespace when parsing csv data
  • Added text to the registration form to remind users of the limitations of the demo account
  • Change the name from the ‘free’ account to ‘demo’
  • Fixing error when exporting crosstab & benchmark analysis
  • Update to make sure validation runs correctly for dependent questions in Grids (specifically ‘Other’ free text)
  • Show warning when trying to launch a large survey
  • Added test to check we show a warning for large surveys


  • Fixing an error when handling unexpectedly long credentials
  • Changed wording so it’s explicit that the unsubscribe function applies to all online surveys surveys and not just the one that the respondent received the email for
  • Speed optimisations for users whose institutions belong to many benchmarking groups


  • Fixing permission needed for accessing print view of a survey
  • Fixed a bug in IE9 on the analysis page that cause the browser to crash
  • Enforcing all links within a survey to open in a new window
  • Increasing the number of reminder emails that can be sent to 2
  • Added additional text regarding invites
  • Various performance improvements – especially when sending respondent emails


  • Minor performance tweaks and adding code in preparation for benchmarking surveys


  • Changed wording on progress indicator
  • Stripping white-space when uploading credentials
  • Stopping an infinite recursion bug when trying to move a question into it’s own child question


  • Improvements to the performance of the Analysis section
  • Fixing occasional bug loading views
  • Catching an error if multiple credentials are uploaded at the same time
  • Catching an error if a user changes their email address to one already in use


  • Replaced the ‘in progress’ indicator on the Distribute page with a representation of how far survey respondents got through a survey
  • Fixed a minor issue when editing options on selection questions on live surveys
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sub-questions being hidden if they receive data from external parameters
  • Prevented accounts from having the same name
  • Fixed a minor display issue in Internet Explorer 7


  • Added calculated response rate to the Distribute page
  • Adding statistics to the account page (number of total, open, closed and draft surveys and number of users)
  • All extra spaces are now removed from questions with selection options


  • Fixing a bug where respondents were able to incorrectly ‘complete’ a survey more than once


  • Include Gaelic and Bosnian translations


  • More performance improvements


  • Improving the speed when copying surveys
  • Fixing a bug with some filters being deleted from the analysis section inadvertently
  • Fixed a bug when copying a survey containing a scale dependency question
  • Fixing a problem with account logos disappearing from the logo upload page


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the showing and hiding of dependent sub questions
  • Performance improvements including increasing the maximum size of cached items
  • Fixed a bug where the “more information” field received focus instead of the “question text” when editing a survey
  • Allow the line breaks (br tag) in question text


  • Improving performance of distribute pages
  • Fixed an incorrect link to the online payment page
  • Fixing email typo
  • General performance tweaks
  • Added a message on the ‘Deleted surveys’ page about scheduled purging


  • Fixing a bug when copying locked surveys
  • CSV file upload now supports latin1 encoding


  • Fixing incorrect payment page link
  • Handle errors created when CSV file being uploaded is utf8 better
  • Small performance improvements for accounts with large surveys
  • Feature: Added new free text question validation type ‘Number (with up to two decimal places)
  • Fix typo in invitation email
  • Bug fix: Update to handlers to make sure that other questions are not removed when we add a question (with an other) to a live survey and then edit the question.
  • Bug fix: Update of code to prevent “other2 questions and options being lost when a question is edited post launch. In the case of these questions in grids we also make sure that when removing an other on a survey before launch that we also delete the selection option associated with it. Also changed grid forms to prevent editing of “other” option text after launch so it’s consistent. Also updated existing tests and added some new ones.
  • Bug fix: Ensure HTML editor restricts the allowed set of HTML tags and attributes properly for Note text


  • Improving page load times, specifically focussing on the analysis and distribute pages


  • Improving performance when copying and importing surveys
  • Nicer message displayed to people clicking on the invite link if their account has subsequently been deleted


  • Update sales invoice template to show correct message to VAT registered customers from the EU
  • Show VAT number in account overview page
  • Improving the performance of pages for survey respondents and when deleting elements in the survey edit page


  • Enabling png chart generation to take an extra width parameter
  • Fixing a bug with grid copying
  • Prevent editing of free text follow-on questions in grids
  • Fixing a problem with merging surveys in the analysis section causing a permission denied warning
  • Fixing a bug when trying to change a user’s profile after their email address changes
  • Re-factoring some pages to reduce the number of database queries needed
  • Removing some code that didn’t work in a multi-threaded environment


  • Fixes to grid question rendering for respondents using Internet Explorer or Firefox.


  • Add Greek to list of available survey languages
  • Fixing a bug in the analysis


  • Improving the credential editing page loading times
  • Fixing a bug when converting question with an optional component
  • Fixing a bug for respondents who try to obtain a PDF of their answers after sending themselves an email
  • Fixing a bug in the analysis section if two views were created simultaneously


  • Update to ensure all email addresses used for login and user identification are case-insensitive
  • Fixed an issue where page titles were shown as “None” when importing a survey that had blank page titles


  • Added an option in the Analysis section to view all text responses with a single click rather then needing to individually select ‘Show all’ from each question
  • Adding full question numbering to questions in the printed survey overview
  • The text area of questions and notes now automatically gains focus when adding or editing an element
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to ‘stack’ multiple comparisons in the analysis section


  • Added icon to design overview to make it more clear how to edit survey titles
  • Fixed an issue where an account migrated from the old version of online surveys would not have the Primary Contact set
  • Fixed an issue where a survey could not be migrated from the old version of online surveys if it had permissions assigned for users that were no longer in that account


  • Changed the navigation for the Admin pages shown to account administrators
  • Changed the text of the warning shown to respondents at the bottom of each page of a linear path survey
  • Fixed a minor JavaScript issue in the credential editor
  • Fixed an issue where some users migrated from the old version of online surveys could be shown as last logging in 46 years ago


  • Fixed an issue where “finish later” actions for migrated responses that also use external parameters would not work
  • Fixed an issue where “clickjacking” protection caused an issue with embedded surveys
  • Fixed an issue where a failed survey import could block access to the survey dashboard


  • The new version of online surveys is launched.