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How do I purchase a BOS account?

If you wish to purchase a BOS account, here is how to go about it:

1. Check whether your institution already has a BOS account

Many UK Higher Education Institutions hold BOS accounts.  It is worth checking whether your institution already has a BOS account before signing up for your own, paid account.  If you cannot obtain this information from your institution please contact us for further information.

2. Decide which account type best suits your needs

If you wish to purchase your own BOS account, make sure you have looked at the full list of features to determine which account type is best for you.  You may wish to sign up for a Demo account to test out BOS functionality before purchasing an account.

3. Organise the appropriate payment method

A Single User account can only be purchased by credit card.  Project and Organisation accounts can be purchased either by credit card or via invoice payment.  You must provide a Purchase Order if you wish to pay by invoice.  Purchase Orders must be made out to Jisc (not BOS).

4. Purchase your BOS account online

To purchase a BOS account, go to the Features and Pricing page and choose the appropriate account type.  Click on Create account and provide the requested information and payment details.  Once you have entered all the required information and paid by credit card or provided a valid Purchase Order Number, your BOS account will be activated and you can start creating surveys.