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Features not currently available in BOS

In 2014, BOS was redeveloped and an entirely new version of the system was launched.

The new version of BOS offers many features not available in previous versions, such as routing, piping, question validation, new question types and new distribution and analysis tools.  Certain functionality that previously had to be purchased separately, such as survey access control and SSL encryption for response collection, is now included as standard in all account types.

However, some features that were present in previous versions of BOS were not incorporated into the new version.  These features were either rarely used or used by a very small percentage of BOS users.  Should demand increase for these features we may consider re-introducing them into a future release of BOS.

The features not currently available in the latest version of BOS are:

  • Email alerts on survey completion.
  • Question tagging.
  • Colour thresholds.
  • Respondent username/password reminder emails.
  • Customised URLs.